Friday, 2 August 2013

Collaboration: Columbian Fashion

This week I set up an account with IFB (independent fashion bloggers) it's a great platform for getting your blog noticed and meeting and interacting with other bloggers with similar interests/blogs to you.

Through IFB I started speaking to Tatiana who runs the blog and we decided to collaborate together. After having to admit rather embarrassingly I didn't know how to add her on what's app, she added me and we started to talk about what we should do to collaborate. Tatiana came up with a great idea of interviewing each other about the fashion in our countries, she asked me questions about fashion in London and the UK which you can see here and then it was my turn to ask her.

Question 1
"What are the current trends in Colombia?"

"In Colombia the inspiration is Europe, Medellin, my city, is the fashion capital in my country. We have many designers and the current trends are a lot of jeans with boots or sandal, a hippie chic style but the culture in Medellin is like look with the trends in other countries like London, New York and Paris."

Question 2
"What would you say are your season 'must haves'?"

"In my country we don't have seasons, because its a tropical country, all the time is the same. The must haves are for example, a black skirt, white t-shirt, blazer in different colours, and very elegant heels, and it is very important to have many things in denim."

Question 3
"Do you personally follow trends or do you prefer to dress however you want? Also do a lot of people in your country break out of trends?"

"I think the best position is to be in the middle point, it's important to know the trends for me and my work but the style is the most important. It's a mix between trends and style."

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Tatiana and I'm so glad she suggested collaborating as it made feel like I'd reached a milestone in my blogging and has actually made me want to put a lot more effort into my blog to make it better and bigger.

If you'd like to read what questions Tatiana asked me and what I answered, click here.

These are all her links if you'd like to check her out:
I'd recommend checking out IFB if you run a fashion blog as it really does help you to get your blog noticed and make some blogging friends! My IFB account is intheeyeof-this do if you do have it/join it make sure to add me as it would be nice to talk to you!
That's all for today's post, I enjoyed talking to Tatiana and collaborating, if any of you would like to get in touch with me, I'll leave all links below. (personal) (themed)