Wednesday, 21 August 2013

AUGUST favourites

Oops! I didn't do a July favourites, sorry!
Anyway lets jump into this months favourites. 

I don't have anything really beauty or fashion related this month as this month I've only worn make up a few days, and that's only eyebrows, mascara and lips so not a lot, and I just haven't worn something that I've really loved this month.

The first thing I've been loving and wearing at every chance possible is this gold statement necklace from Primark. I've been on the search for statement necklaces since they came into fashion but I've never really seen one I really love - I'm extremely picky - but I saw this and just fell for it, it's not the biggest statement necklace but for my first one I thought it would be nice as I could get used to wearing them and then eventually get bigger ones.

Next are these gorgeous pillows which go perfectly with my bedroom. Like the statement necklaces, I've been on the hunt for some pillows that go in my room - again extremely picky - and whilst shopping with my dear mum we saw these pillows on sale the big one was £8.25 and the small one £6.25 so mum said she would treat me to them, so thank you mum! I love the fact they both have one side that is coloured and one side which is white with flowers on as it means I change them if I get bored.  I think I may possibly go back and buy another large one in another colour if they have it.

So you're probably think, Alice how old are you having those teddies? But I just really really really love elephants if you didn't know and whilst I've been in different places recently I've seen these elephant teddies and just had to get them, I now have a lovely little elephant family! Oh I'm so sad.

These are a little random and again you're probably think Alice, how old are you? But what you have to understand, anything Disney and I am ALL over it like a dog on heat, wait ew that's a disgusting reference! Anyway, I've been brought up with Disney and Princess's - when I was little I believed I was a genuine princess, and still do! I really love this tissue box, like I said random, but when I saw them in Tesco me and my mum both said, 'we have to get these!' I haven't actually opened them yet as I still have a box to use up but I kind of don't want to open them so I can keep them forever!

The last item I have is these Pukka Three Green Teas. When it comes to green tea I think you either love it or hate it, and obviously I love it! It's great for you with it speeding up your metabolism and whenever I drink I just instantly feel refreshed, I drink at least one a day and if I could I'd drink it all day errr' day. I'd definitely recommend trying it, if you don't like it at first try it again as it took me a couple of try's to actually enjoy drinking it, now I don't see myself stopping!

Now onto non item things.
First of all film of the month, This Means War has to be it! I could watch that film over and over, the cast in it are both gorgeous and amazing - Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy - so flawless! It's a hilarious film with your obviously cute ending.

I was trying to think of my favourite song but I couldn't possibly pick so I'm going to have to say an artist which is... Lana Del Rey. I guess I'm a little bit late jumping on that bandwagon but oh well! This month my best friend Jenni - click here to see a post with her - introduced me to her whilst we were getting ready for a party and let me burn her CD onto my computer, ever since I've been listening to Lana non stop. I never really appreciated her music before but I really have gotten into her, so I know must say I'm on that Lana hype. Oh how I hate succumbing to trends. 

My favourite app/website this month has got to be I LOVE it. It's great as I can post my daily outfits on there meaning you guys can see what I wear on an almost everyday basis - if I'm not just in my pjs - and I can get to know other people with blogs and find inspiration for outfits. Head over there now!

Lately, my favourite day. This would have go be the day I went to the zoo with three of my best friends, I didn't blog about it however you can see the post when I went with my family. I really loved this day as we had such a lovely day strolling round the zoo, although we're all best friends, it's not often all four of us hang out together, so it was really nice to spend some quality time. Especially with jack (at the back) who is going off to a different sixth form to us so spending this day with him was so nice before he leaves us.

So tomorrow (Thursday 22nd August) is results day for GCSE students and I'd just like to say good luck to everyone who is getting results, I'm super nervous but I really am trying not to think about it, but hey ho, we can't change our results now can we? 

I'm not entirely sure if there will be a post Friday or not, so I'll say sorry now in case there isn't!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favourites from August, let me know what yours are!