Thursday, 29 August 2013

Choies Discounts

Recently I've been in contact with which I'm sure if you've been in the fashion world recently you will have heard of them. is an online store with affordable and stylish clothes, I love all they do and will be sure to get some clothes for sixth form!
As a treat for you lovelies, as we all love a good bargain, they sent me some coupon codes to share with you - even though it says dollars, you can still use them from any country. 

Save 10% off at choies
Free shipping worldwide.
No minimum purchase amount.
Save 10% off for any order at      code:Sep10ff    
$20 off $189+ at   code:20Sep   
$10 off $89+ at    code:10Sep   
$5 off $49+ at     code:5Sep 
Be sure to check the website out and let me know if you purchase anything!