Monday, 19 August 2013

Perfume Collection

Today is going to be a different kind of post to what I have done before on my blog, my collection of perfumes isn't too large, in fact in only have five perfumes but I thought it would be a good post and different to all the OOTDs I've posted recently.
The reason I don't have too many perfumes is because up until a few months ago I seemed to think that I could only use one perfume at a time, so I would never change my perfume until it ran out then I'd ask for/buy a completely different one and use that until it was empty, etc. I then thought about it and realised that actually, why haven't I been changing up my perfumes like a normal person? So I decided I would and now I use a different perfume each day and I can't wait to buy more to add even more of a choice!

Intimately Beckham - Victoria Beckham

The first perfume I have is Intimately Beckham by the gorgeous Victoria Beckham.
I got this perfume for Christmas 2011, which shows just how long it takes me to use up a perfume! It is a scent I'd never had before, the first 'mature' scent I had ever received. It is described as having 'vanilla' in it however, I don't think there is a trace of vanilla in it, instead I think it has a musky smell to it, smelling of roses and other flowers, however not sweet like my normal perfumes. I would say this scent is great for late teens/early twenties as it isn't a 'young' sweet smelling 'girly' perfume but its neither a really mature scent therefore it's just right for that in between age, it's not an expensive perfume however it lasts a moderate amount of time on the skin. The packaging is nice and clean, making it look glamorous yet chić.
I also have the mini version which my sister gave to me Christmas 2012, this is size is perfect for my handbag (although the shape is a little awkward) it means I can take a perfume out with me and not have to worry about it taking up too much space in my bag!

Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera

The next one I have is Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera.
I also received this Christmas 2011. The scent is very florally, but in a 'sexy' way which the packaging reflects, although saying that I would definitely say this perfume is best for teenagers. When I spray it, I genuinely see Christina Aguilera in Burlesque and just imagine this is the scent she would wear for it or that you'd smell in a sexy burlesque club.

The Beat - Burberry

Here I have The Beat by Burberry.
This is actually the scent of my childhood, my mum used to wear Burberry perfumes all the time, for this reason I only wear it at the weekends which is when I am at my dads, away from my mum. The smell is obviously mature, and at first when I got it I felt a little weird wearing it as mum wears it but I love it and it just reminds me of better times so I do wear it, the scent is a very musky wood with hints of musky flowers, ideal for women. The packaging is sleek, with Burberry's famous design, again showing how it is a mature scent.

Fame - Lady Gaga

Onto probably my favourite if I had to pick, Fame by Lady Gaga.
I recieved this as one of my main presents from my mum Christmas 2012, I wanted it for months before Christmas, when a topless guy who was promoting it in boots handed me a tester. I instantly fell in love and went in boots as often as I could to smell it and get some testers - cheeky I know. The scent is definitely sweet, which is probably why I love it so much as I'm a sweet kind of gal, infused with sweet flowers, just making heaven for your nose. I haven't done a very good job at describing this one as I honestly don't think words will do the perfume any favours, so I'd recommend going into boots and smelling this baby!
The packaging is amazing, the gold claw-like lid gives the effect of something clasping an egg, the egg being the luscious perfume, which I forgot to mention, is the first ever black perfume - it comes out clear. I'd say this scent is definitely aimed at teenagers/early twenties.

Paris - River Island

Lastly,we have my most recently bought perfume, Paris by River Island.
I've already done a review on this so I won't describe it too much, just click here to go to the post.
In brief, it reminds me a lot of The Beat by Burberry, having musky tones, but I think it is a little less mature and is most likely to be worn more by older teenagers. Like I mentioned in the post, the packaging reminds me a lot of Chance by Chanel bottles, which I think makes them look pricier than they are!

I hope you liked this post, like I said its different to any other posts I've done. It gives you a bit more of an insight to what I'm like. If you'd like to see any other collections of things be sure to comment and tell me!