Tuesday 16 June 2015



I know it has been very long overdue, I haven't posted in four months! Apologies for that, I just started to fall out of love with writing on my blog, then came time for exams and revision!

Anyway, now that my exams have finished I am finally launching my NEW website here.

I have purchased my own domain and completely changed the look of my blog!
If you were interested in what I posted here, then please make sure you head on over to my NEW blog and give it a follow!

My new website is: intheeyeofthis.co.uk

Thank you for the support I've had on here!

Enjoy my new blog x

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Saturday 21 February 2015

Current Fashion Essentials

Today I thought I'd show you my current Fashion Essentials.

I have seven fashion essentials at the moment. These are items that I wear almost on a weekly basis, whether that's to Sixth Form or at the weekend. 

To begin with are two things I always reach for and that is jeans - most often either my black coated pair or my blue pair. 
Both of these are Topshop Joni jeans which I would definitely recommend to anyone! They're the perfect high waisted super skinny fit which go with anything. I also have these in a burgundy colour which I often wear during the week for Sixth Form.

I also love Cable Knit Jumpers. I have a few but this Ralph Lauren one is my favourite by far! I think the colour is just gorgeous and it is so comfortable, making it the perfect jumper to wear for a long day of shopping (my ideal day).

Who doesn't love a Roll/Polo Neck Jumper? I sure do! 
This one from New Look is SO comfy - perfect for some of the harsher winter days that we were hit with recently. The cropped length of the jumper means it looks great with my high-waisted Joni jeans.

I couldn't not buy this when I saw it Zara last year. It is so simple yet looks so good on and goes with so many different things! I don't think you can go wrong with a plain black jumper, as they're super easy to just throw on when you don't know what to wear but still want to look like you've made an effort. 

Plain tops are a must! Whether it's black, white, grey, etc. It's an absolute essential to me to have a plain top. Similarly to the black jumper, they're so easy to throw on when you're not too sure what to put on. You just can't beat a plain loose top and this one from Zara is made from the loveliest material - it actually feels like you're wearing a pyjama top!

Loafers, loafers, loafers! If I could one hundred more pairs of loafers I would be ecstatic! 
I just love how easy they are to wear and they go with everything! 
Both of these are from Topshop and I would most definitely purchase them again and recommend them to anyone looking for a pair of good quality but affordable loafers.

Lastly, Chelsea Boots... These are such a classic and timeless pair of shoes that you can't go wrong with. 
They can be paired with anything and everything making them the perfect boot.
These particular ones are from Kurt Geiger and they are so comfy - I could shop for hours and hours in them!

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Monday 16 February 2015

What's In My Handbag?

Apologies for the sporadic posting at the moment - just trying to get myself in order!
Today I thought I'd show you what's in my bag.
I received this beautiful Modalu bag for Christmas from my lovely mummy & it is now very special to me.
I use this bag whenever I go out and it is the perfect size for going out as it's not too small and not too big - so I can take just enough out with me without making it too heavy to carry.
The bag has a carry handle as well as a long handle to carry it on your shoulder.
I has 4 compartments to it; 2 outside zip compartments then a big inside compartment with a small zip pocket on the front.

As you can see I don't carry too much with me - just the essentials!
The first things I always have with me are:
My 2015 Diary & Pen - I cannot live without this now. It has a page for everyday meaning it is quite large but it has helped me organise myself so much more - especially in terms of Sixth Form.
My Ted Baker Purse - As you may know, I got this for Christmas 2013 and have used it every since! It is the perfect size for carrying around in my bag a fits perfectly in the back zip compartment.
Tissues, Handcream & Deodorant - I cannot go anywhere without these products! I'm an absolute handcream freak and I honestly feel like crying when I forget to throw a handcream in my bag! You also never know when you'll need tissues or deodorant so they're also always in my bag.

I then have:
Chewing Gum - Another I cannot go anywhere without is chewing gum. Anyone that knows me well will know that I am almost certainly always chewing gum if I'm not eating! I just really hate the taste of nothing in my mouth so it's an absolute essential for me to have chewing gum on me.
Apple Earphones & Charger - Now, who doesn't take their charger and earphones everywhere with them? I take my charger everywhere as you're never sure where you're going to end up! I am however, on the hunt for a really good portable charger, so if you have any recommendations please let me know!
Hand Sanitizer - I think everyone should carry antibacterial hand gel with them, you just never know what you might end up touching and needing to clean off your hands!

Lastly I have:
A Travalo - I'd be on the hunt for one of these for ages as I loved my perfume but did not want to take the huge bottle with me everywhere. When my mum then got me one for Christmas I was so happy! It came with two of them so I keep one in this handbag and one in my bag I use for Sixth Form. All you have to do is stick the little bottle on top of your perfume and pump it until it is full.
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - This is one of my favourite lip glosses which means it is always in my bag! 
Carmex - I absolutely love this stuff and have so many of them knocking about in various places. I prefer this ten times more than vaseline as it is so much more moisturising and long lasting.
Glasses & Glasses Case - Lastly, I of course have my glasses and glasses case just in case I need them when I'm out.

I hope you enjoyed having a look into my Modalu bag.
I absolutely adore it - it is such good quality and is the perfect size for what I need.

Stay up to date with when I post (which will be more regular I promise) by following me on all my social medias and bloglovin/google+ 

What are your handbag essentials?

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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Collective Haul

After the break I've had I thought I'd hit you with a collective haul.
These are a few things I've picked up recently after Christmas - I haven't bought too much as I'm saving my money but new things are always nice!

The first place I went to was Topshop. I received a gift card for Christmas and couldn't wait to spend it. The gift card didn't cover all of this but it made a nice contribution!
I have been on the hunt for a pair of loafers for a while now and when I saw that these black ones were on sale I jumped at them! I think they were on sale for either £15 or £20 - a complete bargain.
I have also been lusting over a pair of Russell & Bromley loafers for such a long time however I just cannot bring myself to buy them, so when I saw these brown Kink Loafers on the website I bought them straight away. One thing about these loafers however, is that they go very thin at the front so it may be wise to go a size up.
I also picked up a pair of black coated Joni Jeans, an animal print blouse and a black jersey playsuit - however they're all in the was at the moment!

I was then looking for a tan blazer so I picked this one up from H&M. 
It's a lovely fit with a satin texture on the inside and sleeves.

For Christmas I was also given a Next gift card so I picked up this blouse from the sale for I think £12 or there about. I still have some money left on my gift card so I can't wait to buy something else! I love the multiple patterns on this and the grandad collar which is very flattering.

This dress was a complete impulse buy! In fact my boyfriend was the one that convinced me to buy it.
This gorgeous dress is from Ted Baker and was £80 down from £160! I just couldn't resist it!
It's such a flattening dress, pulling you in at just the right places - I cannot wait to wear it somewhere special.

I was then in need of a new foundation so I picked up the Maxfactor Face Finity 3-in-1 foundation.
There was also an offer of another Maxfactor product being half price so I picked up a 24 hour lipstick.
I am yet to use either products but when I do a review will be up so keep an eye out for that!
I then saw that my favourite perfume was on sale so I thought I may as well pick up another bottle.

I also got a Lush gift card which was very much appreciated! 
I only picked up two things - I still have some money left on the gift card - which was the 'Twilight' bath ballistic and the 'The Comforter' bubble bar.
I've used 'Twilight' before and loved it so much that I couldn't resist picking it up once again. 
I've never tried 'The Comforter' though so I cannot wait to try it. 

Lastly I popped to Nike in need of some new gym gear. 
I picked up two gym tops which are SO comfy! 
Then I bought myself a full tracksuit - the hoodie is also in the wash - and I have lived in that since I've got it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I've bought since Christmas.
As I said it wasn't much as I'm saving my money but new things are always fun!
Apologies that my posts have been sparse recently - I will try to post as much as I can, I just need to start getting back into the swing of things.

Hi Adam.

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Thursday 1 January 2015

January 1st 2015

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas & New Year.

Apologies for the hiatus I happened to take. I wasn't planning on doing so, however over the Christmas period I just did not feel like blogging at all!
My parents went away from the 27th until tomorrow; so I wanted to spend time with them over Christmas before they went away. Then for the past week I've been with my boyfriend who I've enjoyed just relaxing with and not worrying about updating my blog or social media.

It was a well needed break and I feel almost ready to jump back into the world of blogging.
Today I thought I'd take it easy and just do a little recap of my 2014 and how I'd like 2015 to go.

To begin with, admittedly, the year didn't start off too well.
From November 2013 to around March 2014 I went through a very sour patch in my personal life, I wont go into details, but it was just an all round s**t time for me.
Things started to pick up in the beginning of March and for the majority of March to July I was a very happy person.
Again, things went downhill slightly through July and August, not as bad as previously, however I did receive shockingly poor AS results; my fault completely.
Then from September to now things have been perfect.
Of course there are days where things don't go the way I wish they would, but that's life!
However, I could not currently wish for a better family, boyfriend or friends.

Onto my goals for 2015.

First - I'd like to retain and increase my fitness levels, something I wanted to do last year and actually kept dedicated to for a majority of the year! I did peak around October time however & have only been a few times since, however I'll be back again on Monday!

Secondly - I said this last year, and I think I stuck to it quite well, and that is to increase my dedication to my blog. I'd say throughout the year I've been quite good at sticking to it although there are some months I may not have been as good.

Third - I'd like to try and organise myself better in terms of school and try to study harder. I love what I study at Sixth Form, however I lack motivation 90% of the time as I feel like I've been in school for just too long now. However, this is my last year & I am determined to work hard and get good A Levels.

Fourth - Perhaps a fickle goal to have but it will still remain a goal for me, and that is to slowly increase my collection of clothes. For years I only bought from cheap shops such as Primark (which I am certainly not mocking, especially considering I used to work in Primark!) and I just felt that it was such a waste of money to buy cheap items that don't last long. Therefore, I have decided to slowly donate all the clothes I no longer want to charity & build up a collection of good quality clothes. Whether that's from shops such as Topshop or Ralph Lauren, I'd just really like to have a 'better' range of clothes.

Finally, last but by no means least -  I would like to be happy. As mentioned I went into 2014 with an extremely negative mindset and I felt dragged down for months. However, I have started 2015 in the best mindset I've felt for months and I cannot wait for the year ahead.
So my goal is to be happy and not let the little things bother me. 

That's it for my sum up of 2014 & my goals for 2015.
What are you aiming to achieve in 2015?

I shall have a post Christmas haul coming up soon so watch out!
Lastly, posts may be a little irregular until I become settled at school again.

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Sunday 21 December 2014

12 Days Of Christmas | Christmas Outifts

Day Nine of the 12 Days Of Christmas!
Today I thought I'd show you three different outfits that I'll be wearing Christmas Day.
Please excuse that some of the pictures are of a funny colour!

Outfit 1
Dress - Topshop 
Boots - Topshop
Outfit 2
Pyjama Top - Topman
Pyjama Bottoms - Primark
Outfit 3
Jumper - Primark
Jeans - Topshop

That's it for today's post!
What will you be wearing on Christmas Day?
Only 4 days left...

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