About Me

My name is Alice, I'm a seventeen year old sixth form student living in the ever so looked down on place of Essex, England (yawn)

I love everything and anything to do with Fashion, Photography and Life.

I started my blog 27/9/2012 but didn't fully commit to writing posts until 26/6/2013, I now dedicate my time to coming up with ideas for my blog and try to post at least twice a week if my ideas are flowing, if not I can guarantee there will be at least one!

On this blog you will see a mixture of posts ranging from outfits, to hauls, to days out and to simply photos I have taken and want to share with you. 

I hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to nose around all my links and leave comments on my posts.

If you're looking to contact me my email is: alicerwright10@gmail.com