Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer Must Haves!

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1. Camera - any camera for summer is a definite must have! If I'm going somewhere I know I'll get some great pictures, eg. trips out and that, I'll take my canon, however as its quite bulky, I often use either my iPhone or iPad. I also have a Sony hand camera but that doesn't get as much use anymore.

2. Good Playlist - for anything you do in summer, you need to have a good playlist! Generally, I just listen to the same music all year round, but when it comes to summer I do tend to listen to more upbeat songs as they make me feel more happy.

3. Summery perfume - my favourite is Lady Gaga Fame as it just smells so fruity and flowery, the ideal scent of summer, and although I'd wear it all year round, it is a great scent for summer.

4. iPad/tablet - the reason I think this is a summer must have is because the mobility of them is so ideal! Generally in summer I go out a lot more, as well as going on holiday so it means it provides entertainment and as I like to spend most (all) my time on the Internet (please tell me I'm not the only one) it means I can go on it wherever I go. It's bigger than a phone so you can have access more things that may be inaccessible on a phone yet smaller than a computer (unless you have a notebook) so it's easier to carry around! 

5. Bright nail varnish - whilst my finger nails are actually too short to paint (blame that on anxiety and my need to bite them) I do like to have a nice colour on my toe nails. This colour especially as it is a bright blue - my favourite colour - and just looks so summery.

6. Big bag - I recently got this bright pink bag, I admit it is a little lary and I would kind of rather it be I'm another colour but I couldn't pass it up. First of all, it has three sections, a zip pocket in the middle which is just the right size for my iPad, then two sections either side which clip together. It fits so much in it that you wouldn't expect just by looking it, to make it easier to hold it would be good for it to have a long strap however the handles are big enough to fit over your shoulder so it's not too bad. Secondly, the colour isn't actually too bad for summer, it's bright and can add a pop of colour to any outfit.

7. Books - if it wasn't for me actually doing A level English from September I wouldn't necessarily read these two books and I would actually use my kindle instead, however I would definitely say a book or two are a summer must have. You may be thinking "oh Alice you're such a bore reading books" but I honestly just find them great! They're ideal for when you go on holiday and you're sitting by the pool or if like me you only go to Centre Parcs (which is actually the best holiday ever!) and are just chilling not sure of what to do, you can whip out a book and you'll be surprised how quickly time goes by. 

8. Flower garland - as you know if you've read my other posts, I am so in love with this flower garland, it's amazing how much better it can make your hair look - for example, right now as I write this I am wearing it as I am suffering with an extreme case of bad hair day - it just screams summer and as soon as I put it on I feel so much better!

That's my summer must haves! What are yours?

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