Friday, 12 July 2013

WISHLIST: July Edition

So there seems to be a bit of a blue theme going on, in case you didn't know blue is actually my favourite colour! 

1. Light Blue Nike Blazers. I know they've been around for so long, I've been wanting them since I first laid eyes on them and every time I see them I want them more. They'll be on my wish-list for a while I think. 

2. Blue Topshop bikini. Unfortunately this is actually not on sale from Topshop anymore however I really do want it so I shall be hunting it down!

3. Blue Fujifilm Polaroid. I honestly can't explain how much I want this. I have wanted a Polaroid my whole life and always used to mess around with my dads Polaroid when I was younger. The colour is so perfect in my opinion and I genuinely think this will be on my wish list until Christmas!

4. Duffel Bag Topshop. The pattern of this bag is quite wild however I really do like it. I recently bought a cheap duffel bag from Primark but I think I'd really like to invest in this one.

I know this was only a short wish list however I just haven't really seen anything else I'm really wanting. 

Alice x