Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Day out: Colchester Zoo

As I really enjoyed writing the post about my day out in Cambridge I decided I'd write another similar post but about my trip to Colchester Zoo yesterday. I also went last Wednesday with a few of my close friends but decided not to take my big camera as I wanted to enjoy the day more with my friends instead of lugging the camera around, so yesterday when my wonderful mum said she was taking my little brother and sister and meeting up with one of my older sisters, I jumped at the chance to go so I could get some good pictures with my camera.

First thing my niece jumped on when we got there, look at that precious smile!
Oh look, King Julien!

The cutest two year old I know!

My nephew & sister intently watching the monkeys

Can we just... how cute is this meerkat?!

Feeding these beautiful creatures!

If you know me, you'll know just how much I love elephants!

Oh how I wish I was in the actual enclosure! 

Follow the leader?

Hope you enjoyed this little post about the zoo, I really do enjoy these posts so expect more in the future! If you'd like to see what I wore to the zoo be sure to check out my profile on Lookbook it's a great website where you can see the things I wear, I update it almost daily (unless I spend the day in my PJs) which means you can see outfits which I don't write posts on!