Friday, 31 January 2014

JANUARY Favourites

Another month has finished so I guess it's only right to let you know what my monthly favourites have been for the first divine month of 2014! 
I haven't posted a favourites since October so I'm quite excited to get back into the routine of writing them. 

My first favourite is my newest leather jacket, it is to die for! I spoke in detail about it here in my Post Christmas Haul, so I won't say too much about it apart from, I've been wearing it almost everyday to sixth form with a few occasions and I just can't get enough of it.
My only criticism would be that it is not the warmest of jackets, but that doesn't bother me too much!

Next, is this lovely watch I received for Christmas from my mummy. Again, I spoke about this in detail in an OOTD post I wrote recently.
I'd been wanting a new watch for ages, I wasn't necessarily bothered about what it looked like but mum hit the nail on the head with this beauty. My favourite part of it is the detail of the face which you can't quite see in this photo, but it has a gorgeous shell detailing. 
I've literally worn this everyday since the day I got it.

Onto something a little random is my Ted Baker collection. As a surprise, and a huge surprise at that, my lovely mum got me these for Christmas. It's a fact that I love having everything to match, so I cannot express how much I adore this collection I have created, especially as it is all black which is my favourite colour for accessories at it is such a timeless colour!
The first thing is the iPad case which I have only used once as for everyday I have a case with a stand on it, however, I cannot wait to use it when I go away. I then have the large wash bag which I love, love, love! I've used it so much already since Christmas! Next is the make-up bag which I have of course, been using everyday since I got it!

Last, is the purse which may just be my favourite of them all...
I love whipping it out my bag when I have to pay (oh how sad!) and refuse to have it in my bag without the carry bag it came in, I guess you could say I'm a little protective.

Moving onto scents, I am completely in love with this perfume! CK One Shock is one of the most gorgeous perfumes I have ever smelt, it's exactly my scent; a mixture of florals and fruits, I just can't get enough! I got this for Christmas from my dad, in the largest bottle possible so it can last me a long, long, long, long time. 

I featured this bronzer recently in my 'What's In My Make-Up Bag' post. I've never really been a bronzer girl until about 2 months ago, and wow was I missing out! 
Now, I wouldn't apply my make-up without this beauty of a product. I never realised how much better it can make your make-up look, in my opinion it makes it look complete. 

Now, onto non-item favourites.

First, my favourite film of the month which is a hard choice so I would have to say, it is a draw between Frozen and Wolf Of Wall Street.
As I type this, I've literally just finished watching Wolf Of Wall Street and it is amazing! First of all, Leonardo DiCaprio, need I say more? That wasn't the only reason I was interested in the film however. I study Business as one of my A Levels and it made me really intrigued to have a look at how the stock market worked back in the day, good ol' geek in me.
Frozen I watched a week or so ago, and I just love it! I'm a complete Disneyholic, I just cannot get enough of Disney so of course I was eager to see their latest creation.
I recommend both these films! 

This month I don't I have one favourite song, I have a few. The first is the whole Arctic Monkeys album AM, I literally love every single song on the album! I also love Alive by Chase and Status as to me, it is such an uplifting and empowering song, it just makes me want to get up and either dance or get things done. Last, is Happy by Pharrell Williams. How can anyone not love this song? It is literally my anthem of the moment. Every time I hear this song, I instantly feel happier even if I'm in a really bad mood! 

Once again, my favourite app of the month would have to be... (drumroll please) Instagram once again! This month, I've really been getting into posting on my personal account @alicewright_ so I recommend you take a look! 

Next, my favourite 'random' of the month would have to be oranges! Every morning before Sixth Form I make sure to have an orange as it's just a healthy kick for the day, and I love it.

Lastly my favourite day, I guess New Year's Day? 'Eurgh how cliche' I hear you say
For me though, yes New Year is just another normal day BUT it is a day where you can make some changes. 
I haven't hid the fact that 2013 was not the best year for me and so when entering 2014, I promised myself I would be happier and not let little things get to me. I would say I have done well with achieving that so far, apart from a couple of slip ups!
So for me, New Year's Day was my favourite day of the month as it gave me a chance for a fresh new start which I have happily embraced.

That is all for my favourites of January, what were your favourites? 

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