Thursday, 2 January 2014

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

I've not written a 'What's In My Make-Up Bag' post yet and after getting a new make-up bag for Christmas, I thought why not.

The make-up bag I got from my lovely mummy is this black with a pink bow Ted Baker make-up bag.
I was wanting a Ted Baker make-up bag for ages but didn't actually ask for it for Christmas, so I ecstatic when I opened it Christmas morning.
I love the little zip detail and the fact the material inside is easily cleanable.

As you can see, I don't actually hold too much in my make-up bag.

The first thing I have in my make-up bag is Rimmel London Match Perfection foundation in the shade, 103 True Ivory.
I have a love-hate relationship with this foundation, I'll love it most of the time as whilst it is a light foundation it actually gives a really nice coverage and pretty much evens out your skin. 
However, sometimes I just decide I don't like it anymore and want a change.
I always end up coming back to this little guy though - I've repurchased it a few times - so I guess you could say he's my fall back.

As you can see, this is a very loved product. 
I never used to use powder up until about September time when I purchased this - this is my second one, my first one smashed to smithereens before I managed to finish it. 
I wouldn't not use powder now as it keeps my make-up lasting throughout the day, much longer than without it. 

Oh, would you look at that ANOTHER Rimmel London product. 
This is the Natural Bronzer in shade 022 Sun Bronze. 
This is another product I'd never used up until around November time, partly because I didn't actually know how to wear it (I know, how amateur of me) and I just didn't see the need for it.
I actually got given this by a friend who doesn't wear bronzer but was given it. I thought I'd give it a whirl and after watching a few Youtube videos to learn the skill of applying the tricky thing, I gave it a go and loved how it looked. 

Wow, that's a change, it's not a Rimmel London product! 
I love this Bourjois Paris Cream Blush which was also given to me by the same friend. 
I showed this in use here in my October Favourites so I won't go into too much detail about it, apart from the fact it seems to have come up a little brighter in the photos compared to real life.

Back to Rimmel London, no surprise there!
The Professional Eyebrow Pencil is perhaps one of my all time favourite make-up products. 
I would (and sometimes do) happily just go out with my eyebrows drawn on with this. 

I then have the Scandaleyes Mascara.
This isn't my favourite mascara I've ever used, however it does do a good job, and it was free so I couldn't really pass it up.

Now, onto things I don't use everyday.
I went through a phase of wearing concealer everyday, especially in the summer with a bit of mascara and lipstick.
However, I don't tend to wear it much now. 
I would definitely recommend the Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer - mines in the shade 030 Classic Beige.

I also rather randomly, have a Loreal Paris natural colour lipstick in shade 390.
I don't use that often which is why it's a bit random being in my make-up bag, however, it is a really lovely natural/shimmery peach shade.

Lastly, no make-up bag is complete without a pair of tweezers! 
Mine are by Models Own in this neon pink colour. I love these tweezers and would definitely recommend them, they are slanted which make it much easier to pluck your eyebrows, especially those little ones you can't always get hold of.

That's it for my make-up bag. 
I hope you enjoyed having a nosey into it and perhaps my recommendations have helped.
If you have any make-up recommendations, definitely let me know!

Now I'm off to do a spot of shopping at Ikea.

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