Monday, 1 December 2014

November Favourites

If you couldn't tell I'm just slightly excited for Christmas!
All the Christmas decorations were put up last night, ready for today!
However, today I'm here to talk about my November favourites.

My first favourite of November is my Faux Fur Gilet from Topshop.
I've worn this almost non-stop this month as it's such an easy piece to just throw on over nearly any outfit. It's been great for layering as it's been starting to get cold here in England and I've been wearing it with almost anything, from jeans to dresses.

My next favourite is this gorgeous coat from Zara.
I've been after this for ages, unfortunately it was sold out in my size everywhere so I had to size up. However, my lovely mum decided to treat me to it as an early Christmas present and I am in love. 
I've worn it everyday since getting it last Friday and will continue to wear it this whole winter.

My last item favourite is my dressing gown. Perhaps a little sad but if you felt the cosiness of it you'd think again. It was only £13.50 from Sainsbury's which is quite a bargain for the quality of it.
Every night when I get in I just chuck on my dressing gown and cosy up for the night!

Now onto my non-item favourites of the month.

To begin, my favourite film of the month was Hercules. As you probably know, I'm a complete Disney fan but surprisingly I had never watched Hercules and I was just itching to watch it. So one night I forced my boyfriend to watch it with me and I was not disappointed!

I haven't had a favourite song this month but I've been loving a bit of Eminem and Dr. Dre on Spotify this month, as well as the Indie radio channel on there.

My favourite app of the month has got to be Pinterest. I've been using it non-stop and am completely obsessed with it. You can find my Pinterest here.

My favourite 'random' of the month has actually been shopping! I've just loved going out shopping this month, seeing all the Christmassy decorations going up and starting my Christmas shopping. It makes it all so exciting!

Lastly, my favourite day was probably yesterday! I loved putting all the Christmas decorations and getting right into the Christmas spirit.

That's my November Favourites.
What have been your favourites?
You can see my favourites from last month here.

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