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12 Days Of Christmas | Gift Guide For Children

Day 3 of my '12 Days Of Christmas' posts.
Today, I thought I'd follow the theme of the Gift Guides I have previously posted and bring you the last one 'For Children'.
I thought I'd split it into boys & girls, aimed at 3-16 year olds, but all gifts may not be applicable. 
The two gift guides are very similar but I thought I'd split them up anyway. 

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1. Lindt Santa Sleigh £8.99 - Chocolate is always a good idea! Whats a better present for a child than chocolate? Nothing I tell you. 

2. Marvel Superheroes Eau de Toilette Gift Set £10 - I think it's such a cute idea to get a young boy a mini aftershave gift set. It's the start of him growing up!

3. Animal Towel £12.50 - I used to have a dalmatian one of these and it was the best thing ever! They're so fun to play around in too.

4. Cluedo Board Game £14.99 - Last year my little sister received this from Santa, and I must say, I think my dad and I enjoyed playing this more than she actually did! With all the electronics about today, I think it's nice to still have traditional games, such as Cluedo.

5. Harrods Annual Christmas Bear £24.95 - I received one of these for my first Christmas and it has always stayed with me. It is a tradition in my family that every new child born, gets a Harrods Annual Christmas Bear for their first Christmas.

6. Fairisle Pattern Navy All-In-Ove (3-16 Years) £25-£31 - Once again, you can't go wrong with a onesie! Perfect for snuggling up in on boxing day whilst you're doing nothing. 

7. Lego Movie Lego £49.99 - Lego is a present you definitely can't go wrong with, in fact it's rated the number one toy according to a programme I watched this weekend! Any boy of any age would love Lego - trust me, my 19 year old boyfriend STILL loves it at his age! It's a foolproof present and there are now so many different types to choose from to suit anyone.

8. Disney Pixar The Complete DVD Collection £67.49 - Disney is of course the best! Even adults I think would appreciate this.

9. Experience Day - I think experience days are a great gift as it allows you to give someone the gift of something they wouldn't usually expect, such as being a zookeeper for the day or visiting their favourite football team's stadium. They ideal for any age as there are many different experience days to pick from.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

1. Minnie Mouse Eau de Toilette Gift Set £6 - I always loved getting mini perfume sets as presents; it made me feel all grown up!

2. Lindt Santa Sleigh £8.99 - As I said before every child loves chocolate!

3. Guess Who? Board Game £10 - Another classic board game that I used to play for hours on end. I don't think there's anything better than a classic game that all the family can get involved in.

4. Animal Towel £12.50 - Once again, animal towels are so cute and fun.

5. Red Reindeer Fleece All-In-One (3-16 Years) £20.50-£26.50 - I love this onesie, it looks so cosy - I might have to go into Next and try it on for size. 

6. Harrods Annual Christmas Bear £24.95 - Again, this is a tradition in my family to buy a baby it for their first Christmas. I think it's lovely to grow up with a bear that has been with you since the beginning.

7. Disney Princess Lego £24.99 - Who said girls can't like lego? I would have loved this when I was younger! A great way to incorporate Disney and lego - two of the best inventions! 

8. Disney Pixar The Complete DVD Collection £67.49 - Disney, Disney, Disney. What more needs to be said? It's the best and anyone of any age would appreciate it.

9. Experience Day - Experience days, like I said before are a great idea for children of all ages. So, if you're stuck for ideas, why not just buy an experience day?

What ideas do you have for presents this year?
How are you liking my '12 Days Of Christmas' posts?
Keep an ear out for tomorrow's post!

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