Friday, 19 December 2014

12 Days Of Christmas | Christmas Tag

For Day Seven of the 12 Days Of Christmas I am doing a Christmas Tag!
What a way to get into the Christmas spirit and get to know me a little bit better?

The questions are a mixture of my own ideas & questions I've found from other people, enjoy!

1. Favourite Christmas film?
I must admit, I don't have just one favourite Christmas I have a few and they are; The Holiday, Elf, Home Alone and Miracle On 34th Street.

2. Favourite Festive Colours?
I like Christmas Tree green (is that a colour? You know the one I mean), red and gold.

3. Stay in pyjamas or dress up on Christmas Day?
It depends what I'm doing on Christmas Day. Last year I stayed in my pyjama's all day then went out in the evening and got slightly dressed up.

4. Do you open your presents on Christmas Ever or Christmas Day?
Christmas Day of course! Father Christmas brings them Christmas Eve silly!

5. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
Unfortunately not! I really wanted to make one this year but never got round to it...

6. What do you do over the Christmas Holiday?
I normally take the time to chill out, rest, probably shop be around friends and family and generally enjoy myself.

7. Favourite Christmas smell?
Anything spicy and with cinnamon in!

8. Do you go on Holiday for Christmas or stay at home?
Over the years it's been different. We used to always stay at home but the past few years we have been on holiday for a few Christmases. I much prefer being at home though.

9. Favourite Christmas song?
All I want for Christmas is you, Fairytale of New York, Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, anything Michael Buble... Do you see where I'm going here? I just love all the upbeat feel good Christmas songs.

10. When do you put your decorations up?
As soon as we can! As soon as the December 1st comes round those decorations are up!

11. Favourite part of Christmas?
I personally prefer the build up to Christmas much more exciting than the actual day! So my favourite part is feeling festive and seeing everyone else happy and enjoying themselves.

12. What will you be doing on Christmas Eve?
This Christmas Eve I will be spending with my boyfriend, then coming home and refusing to sleep!

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know your answers to these questions!
Only 6 more days...

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