Monday, 21 July 2014

Travel Make Up Bag: Come Away With Me #2

Welcome back to my Summer Series; 'Come Away With Me' #2. 
Today I thought I'd show you what I am taking away with me. 
I'm very much a girl of routine & do not really branch out much with my makeup, instead I just stick to my everyday make up. However, as I am going away for over a week, I thought I'd take a few extra bits - well as much as my little makeup bag can tolerate!

So what did I pack?


Eyes & Eyebrows:

Vaseline Aloe Vera

Cuticle Pusher
Small Mirror

As well as my make up, I need to take my brushes.
These brushes I use on a daily basis which when travelling, I keep in this simple sparkley case.
They're all going to have a little clean however before I go away!

The brushes I am taking with me are:

The Buffing Brush, Contour Brush & Detailer Brush are all part of the Core Collection sold as a pack.
If you're interested in a review of these brushes I have one here.

So that's what I'll be taking with me on holiday, make up wise!
I hope this has given you some inspiration for what to take if you're going on holiday.

I still have some upcoming posts in my 'Come Away With Me' Summer Series.
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My first edition of the series is here, my Travel Wash Bag.

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