Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Take Away Bag: Come Away With Me #3

Hello there, here's my 3rd instalment for my Summer Series, 'Come Away With Me'.
Today, I thought I'd show you what I'll be packing in my bag to keep me looked after on holiday.
As of today I am on my way to Disneyland Paris!! 
I'll be there for four days until Saturday, then I'll be going to Loire Valley for a week.

So to begin with, this is the bag I'll be taking, it's a small Nike Duffle Bag which I'd say is a Mary Poppins bag (fitting) as it seems like everything can fit in it! It has a large middle compartment with a zip pocket on one side & an open pocket on the other.

First, the most important two thing's I'll be packing is my camera's.
I'm taking both my DSLR Canon and my Sony handheld camera. I think it's essential to take a camera when going on holiday to document your trip!
So be ready for a lot of pictures when I get back.

I'll also be taking my Macbook & iPad, however these are just for entertainment through the six hour car journey - oh god help me!
I won't be using these whilst I'm actually on holiday! 
As well as these two items, I'll be taking my Kindle for reading by the swimming pool whilst soaking up a tan (or a burn, thank you English skin) & of course my iPhone!

Lastly, I'll be taking my wash bag, make up bag & brushes.
I have two posts here & here showing what is inside my wash bag & make up bag, so if you're interested you can see them!

I hope you're enjoying my Summer Series 'Come Away With Me'.
If you're going away you can hopefully get some inspiration from these posts!
To see my first instalment click here or click here for my second.

I am thinking of posting either one or two more in my series, so keep your eyes peeled!

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