Friday, 4 July 2014

JUNE Favourites

Well, wouldn't you believe it, it's July already!
It feels like I wrote my June favourites only yesterday... Where is time going?!

My first favourite of the month is... Dresses! 
I've always loved a good dress. I just find they're so easy to throw on, especially if you're not too sure what to wear. 
I have slowly but surely been building up my dress collection, and believe me, if I could, I would have whole wardrobe full of dresses! 
Hopefully, I'll find some more dresses as summer nears!
If you'd like more information on the dresses I have two posts featuring them; here & here.

I've also been loving these white leather converse
My lovely mother gifted me these as she knew I'd been on the hunt for them for ages, so thank you to her!
I have a huge crush on white shoes at the moment, and white is big for summer this year.
I cannot wait to wear these in the summer, although, I am a little scared to get even a smidgen of dirt on them... maybe I'll just have to clean them everyday.. 

My last favourite item of the month is my new prescription sunglasses, by Karen Millen.
I have been wanting prescription sunglasses since I started driving in April, so when the time came to pop into Specsavers for my yearly eye test, I got some!
I am in love with these so much!  

Now, onto non item favourites.

Favourite Film of the month; Unfortunately, I don't have one this month!

Favourite Song; 3005 by Childish Gambino. I find I can listen to this song in any mood & still enjoy it which is rare for me! As well as this song, I've just generally been loving Childish Gambino.

Favourite App; Timehop! I must say, at first I didn't get the 'hype' surrounding this app, however, after curiously checking it each day, I've fallen for it. 
The app shows past facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. posts over your active years. I find it so amusing to look back at my cringey year eight posts from four years ago... god help me.

Favourite 'random' of the month; this would have to be the gym! I used to love doing all sorts of sports and going to the gym back in the day, however I stopped a couple of years ago and lost all athletic part of me. 
However, I recently joined my local gym & have been going at least three times a week. I'm really motivated to get fitter and more toned up, so I cannot wait for results.

Favourite Day; June 3rd.. My last exam! 

That's it for my June Favourites. What were your favourites this month?
You can see my last month's favourites here.

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