Friday, 27 June 2014

NEW IN: Zara Sale

To begin, I must announce...
Yesterday marked a year since starting my blog, so Happy Birthday intheeyeof-this! 

Last Thursday, Zara launched their sale. This excited me a lot as I love Zara! Finally on Wednesday my order came and it was like Christmas opening this box.
I thought I'd show you what I bought, however, unfortunately it appears that all of what I bought is no longer available, so I apologise. Although, there is many beautiful other things you can find if you're interested! 

First, possibly my favourite item I bought. 
This is a Printed Peplum Top. I adore the pattern and cut, I think it is so flattering. It is made of a swimming suit material, which makes it very comfortable.
It was only £9.99 so I just could not resist!

Next, a simple item, but always needed. 
This Black Basic T-shirt is a simple piece that I just couldn't reason not to buy.
It is always wise to have quite a few basic pieces floating about as they can easily make an outfit if you're not sure what to buy.
This was also from the TRF/Trafaluc Collection for only £7.99. 

I've been searching for a new bag for a while now for next year at sixth form as my current bag is falling apart - thanks to me leaving an orange in there for a week & having to cut it out! EW. 
I saw this bag, which I thought would be similar to the one I currently have (the Zara Office City Bag) as this was called the 'Combined Office Citybag'. I also really liked the little red pouch that could be taken out.
However, when I took it out of the box, I realised it was a lot smaller than I originally thought, therefore, I am not sure if I'm going to use it for sixth form or even keep it.
Although it is a gorgeous bag, so perhaps I'll just keep it for casual use. 
This bag is still available but in a different colour, here - I'm starting to wish I'd got the other one, oops.
It was £29.99 reduced from £39.99. 

The next three things I know I am not keeping.

First, this Yellow Loose Fit Shirt. I think the colour is lovely, however it just doesn't suit me personally.
The fit is loose like stated, and it is a lovely silky material. 
It was £15.99 from the TRF/Trafaluc collection.

Next is this gorgeous white blouse with lace-like sleeves and a silky centre. 
I actually love this top, however, rather annoyingly, it has a hole in the left arm which can be seen below.
As this is no longer available I am unable to exchange it for another, so I will just be returning it.
This was £19.99.

Second, is this Black Shopper Bag.
As I said, I am looking for a new bag for sixth form & I decided to order two to see which I preferred. 
Unfortunately again, this bag was much smaller than I thought it was going to be. 
This will also be returned to Zara, it was £12.99.

That's it for my Zara Sale Haul. I believe the sale is still ongoing, so be sure to check it out!
I have to say, I am quite disappointed about my items, but I'm all for trying things & sending them back if they aren't quite right.

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