Friday, 6 June 2014

MAY Favourites

Would you believe we're already half way through the year! It seems to be the older you get, the quicker the years pass... can I be Peter Pan & never grow up, please?
Anyway, as per tradition, here are my monthly favourites. 

*disclaimer: Please excuse the funny colour of the pictures, I'm not too sure what has happened* 

To start with, I have been crushing hard on these Topshop Joni jeans. I've worn them almost every weekend since purchasing them at the end of April. I'm all over Joni jeans, they're now my favourite Topshop jeans. It used to be the Leigh Jeans, sorry Leigh... The fit is just perfect! & due to the fact they're high waisted, they go with a wide variety of tops.  
Here is my last post featuring these gorgeous jeans.

My next favourite is most definitely my new iPhone 5s in Gold. I am so in love with it, I've been waiting a long, long time to upgrade which I finally did the second week of May! I had been spying this phone for such a long time, since it first appeared on the market, so I was over the moon when I finally upgraded to it.

Another Topshop item! I cannot explain how much I adore this dress! 
I have a huge love for anything striped at the moment, so this was a great addition to a vastly growing collection. 
I have also had my eye on this for an extremely long time. I tried it on a few months ago, however at the time I didn't feel very happy in it, so I decided it wasn't for me.
I then saw it in the 'Last Chance To Buy' rail in my local Topshop, and thought I'd give it one last try because I really did love how it looked on the hanger.
As soon as I put it on I fell in love with it and knew I had to snap it up! It was only £29 which really is not bad for Topshop. I bought it in a size 6 Petite as I liked the fit, however that resulted in it appearing very short, so I will be wearing shorts underneath it. No one wants to see my bum, trust me.
Unfortunately, it is only available now in the 'Tall' range, unless you manage to find it in your local store.

Surprisingly, my last 'item' favourite is also Topshop. I don't think I've ever posted about Topshop so much. That is mostly down to the fact that I've only recently started shopping in Topshop - I know, how amateur of me. 
My legs are not that brown (although I wish they were) so please excuse that. 
They were quite a spur of the moment buy. My niece & I went for a little browse round town, and both fell in love at first sight with these. She opted for the black, whilst I picked up the white.
I am also loving the all white look for this season, and the croc effect on these give it a touch of difference which I adore. For only £20, I could not resist these beauties! I'm also thinking of purchasing some different colours; I can see an obsession starting... help!
I cannot wait to wear them paired with the stripe dress above on holiday this summer, which I am not yet going to reveal where that is... 

Favourite film of the month; Bad Neighbours. Zac Efron. Topless. What more could you want? It is a very funny film & I definitley recommend. 

Favourite song; I don't actually have a favourite song this month. Instead, I'd have to say Soundcloud. I've been loving my playlists on there this month, which is full of so many different songs. You can find my Soundcloud here.

Favourite app; Depop. I've not sold anything on there yet but I love scrolling through my feed. My niece however is selling lots of Topshop clothing, which can be found here.

Favourite 'random' of the month; driving. I absolutely love driving & I cannot wait to pass my test, giving me the freedom I want! As well as this, I'm just smitten with my little car, he really is the best.

Favourite day; 30th May. This was the day my baby niece was born. She really is the cutest little chunky monkey ever! You can see a picture of me with her here, on my Instagram.

That's it for my monthly favourites! What have been your favourites?
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