Friday, 25 July 2014

My Bag At Disney: Come Away With Me #4

So, as you will know if you have read my 'Take Away Bag: Come Away With Me #3' I have been in Disneyland Paris since Wednesday.
Tomorrow will be my last day & then I'm off to Loire Valley for a week!

I thought, however, I'd let you see what I've been carrying around whilst scampering around like an excited puppy at Disneyland.
The amazing bag I've been using is this Minnie Mouse bag from Primark. 
I love the big bow on it & how you can just see Minnie's eyes, as well as the fact, I feel like it isn't too childish - but hey, it's Disney so I wouldn't care anyway!

So what is actually in my bag?

Hollister Hoodie
My iPhone & Two Disney Themed Cases
Sony Point & Shoot Camera
Antibacterial Hand Gel
Hand Cream
Deodorant & Body Spray
Chewing Gum
Mother Pucker Lipgloss
Ted Baker Purse

There's what I've been carrying around with me whilst I've been running around Disneyland Paris. 
As well as this bag, I've also had my Canon DSLR on me at all times, so therefore, be prepared for a huge photo diary when I get back!

I hope you're enjoying these 'Come Away With Me' Summer Series posts.
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