Tuesday, 30 September 2014

SEPTEMBER Favourites

So September has just come and gone in a complete whirlwind!
I can't believe I've been back at Sixth Form a whole month now, summer blues...

The first thing I've been loving is this Zara jumper
It is the softest jumper I have ever bought! I love how it is fitted with mismatched gold detail buttons on the sleeves.
I bought it from France in the summer but have only just been able to wear it this month.

I've then been loving this 'With Stick'.
I'm not at all a sufferer of spots, I honestly only get one or two every couple of months - water ladies, drink lots of it!
However, when I do get the odd spot, I whip this out quicker than you can say witch, and apply it right to the bad boy which then disappears very quickly. 
I would most definitely recommend this.

Those were the only items I really had as a favourite this month, possibly because I've been at school so I've just been doing the same thing each day, not really experimenting.
Now onto non-item favourites.

My favourite film of the month was Maleficent. As you may know, I love everything Disney & had been wanting to watch this film since it first came into Cinemas. It is such a beautiful take on the Sleeping Beauty story & would definitely recommend giving it a watch when you can.

Again, I don't have a favourite song of the month, but instead I have a favourite radio station which is Kiss. I've been listening to Kiss non stop this month.

My favourite app of the month would be twitter. I love using my twitter to post my OOTD's quickly and easily. You can find my twitter here.

I have two favourite 'randoms' of the month. First is Hannah Maggs on YouTube. Her weekly vlogs are shot and edited so incredibly beautiful and every time I watch them, they bring a smile to my face.
My other favourite would be driving. I've now been driving for a month and I just love the freedom I have got.

That's it for my monthly favourites this month.
I hope you enjoyed it. You can find last months favourites here.

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