Monday, 1 September 2014

AUGUST Favourites

*Pinch, Punch, First of the Month*
I cannot believe how quick August has whizzed by!
It feels like only yesterday that I broke up from sixth form and yet tomorrow I'm going back, someone save me.
I only have a few favourites for this month, as honestly I can't even recall all of what I've been loving as the month went by so fast!

My first favourite of the month is the Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara
I really love the results with this mascara and have been using it non stop this month.

Secondly, I've been loving the Pro Formula Face Scrub.
I've raved about the face wash before but for holiday I purchased the face scrub and I love it.
It smells fresh and leaves my face feeling soft and scrubbed. 

I've also been loving my Ted Baker iPad case.
I got this a while back for Christmas, but didn't really use it until I went on holiday.
Since getting back from holiday however, I always use it rather than the stand case I had before.

My last item favourite from the month of August is this bag from Oasis.
My mum picked it up for me in the sale as I had been looking for a new handbag and I love it!
I use it every single day as it is so easy to just pick up and throw on my shoulder.
You can see on my twitter how much I've used it here.

Now for my non item favourites.

My favourite film of the month would have to be Inbetweeners 2. I thought it was a lot funnier than the first film and would definitely recommend it if you enjoyed the first.

I don't have a favourite song of the month, but I've been really enjoying my good old Disney classics!

My favourite app of the month is Hungry Shark. My boyfriend and I have been getting really competitive on it, seeing who got to the largest shark first. Unfortunately he won.

My favourite 'random' of the month is the SacconeJolys on Youtube. I love their daily vlogs and watching as their little family develop.

Lastly, my favourite day of the month was Wednesday 27th August because... I passed my driving test first time! I was unbelievably happy when I was told I had passed & am so excited to finally have my independence.  

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