Friday, 4 October 2013

WISHLIST: October Edition

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Oh look, yet another wishlist from me, you should realise by now these posts are one of my favourite to write! A lot of these things are quite 'formal' based which I think is probably because I'm dressing formal everyday and I actually quite like dressing like that so I think I've sort of got into that mind frame of dressing now. It is also a Topshop and Zara wishlist only, oops!

1.  First is this Zara bomber jacket - which at the moment I can't seem to find on the website anymore, oh no - I'll admit I'm not usually one for bomber jackets and I never really understood the whole trend around them however, when I walked into Zara and saw this jacket I decided I'd try it on as I've decided to be brave and try clothes I wouldn't normally wear. When I tried this on I was completely surprised at how much I liked it on the material is silk with a chiffon cover over it that has the pattern on, in my opinion it looks so much more formal than your usual bomber jacket. 

2. Second is this multi pattern shirt from Topshop which the picture completely does not do justice, as soon as I walked into the shop and saw it I completely fell in love. It's such a different shirt to what I've seen before which just makes me really love it.

3. Then I have this silver top/shirt, I'm not entirely sure why I like this top so much but something about it really attracts me. I like how it's not really sparkly silver, it's just a slight sparkle which means it can be worn casual or dressed up which I love!

4. This may be my favourite thing of this wishlist! This was another thing I randomly tried on in Zara as I love tartan so much which you may have guessed if you saw last months wishlist. When this blazer is on it actually looks amazing, I'm not sure I've ever been so in love with a jacket before, it has a partly peplum bottom which compliments me a lot and the fit is just flawless! I really hope to get this either next month when I get paid or for Christmas!

5. At sixth form I've been wearing quite a few of these midi skirts, so it's really made me love them and when I saw this I thought the design was so cool and different, I need to pop into Zara and try this beauty on!

6. I think I also fell in love with this skirt! It's an a-line denim 'kilt', I love the way it's quite different to any other skirt I've seen and personally I'm not overly keen on denim skirts but this one is actually lovely!

7. So this handbag is the only non-clothing item on this list, can you guess why I like it? When I saw it I thought it looked exactly like the infamous Celine bag that nearly every beauty blogger (at least the rich ones!) which I can't lie and say I'm not pining over it! It is however £100 so I'm not sure whether I will ever have the courage to buy it haha!

8. So... if you're aware I absolutely adore elephants AND skater skirts, both of them put together? I'm so obsessed! I also love how it does up at the front, I really hope I get this before the end of the year!

9. Again, I'm not entirely sure what drew me to this top and with the picture being small, it doesn't do it justice so you should really follow the link and see how nice it actually is!

10. I think I could probably say the same for this shirt, I've noticed that I've gone for quite a pattern themed wishlist this month! The pattern is so out there which is probably why I liked it.

11. Nearly finished! This is the least formal clothing item on here however I still think it could be worn formal. I love this slouchy type top, especially for winter as it is so nice to just cosy up in and layer up on chilly day!

12. Lastly, these trousers... now these really are a WISH because I'm not sure how much they would actually suit me, I don't have the longest of legs and so these type of trousers don't always look too great on me, I need to really just go into Zara and try them on, hopefully I like them as much on as I do off!

So that's the end of my October wishlist! I've come to realise that I will only be able to get one post out a week which I already sometimes struggle with, which I'm sorry about! I hope you're not losing interest in my blog due to the lack of posting as it just means I put more effort into each post I write.

Anyway, what are you wishing for this month? Can you believe we're already into the tenth month of this year?!

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