Friday, 11 October 2013

App Review: MALLZEE

Recently the creators of Mallzee got in touch with me about their app that they released at London Fashion week, if you're fashion passionate like me you'll love this app!
To sum it up, the app lets you chose your favourite brands (from a selection provided) which then comes up on your feed, you then 'keep' the items you like - in a wardrobe type folder - or 'throw' the items you like, the app then gets to know your style and after a few uses begins to show you more things that are you style, it's basically like having a free personal shopper!
Here's a guide to how it works...


When you first open the app it gives you a step-by-step walk through showing you how to use the app, the actions are very simple making it a breeze to use!

Next, you tell the app what styles and brands you are most interested in, giving you a test run of using the app and getting used to the double tap, pinch and hold actions.

Then you are free to browse the app as much as you want! You can press buy and be taken straight the web page where it is for sale or you can save it to your 'finds'.

Now for my review of the app which I'm going to be brutally honest. I think there are some improvements that could be done to the app which would be, a wider choice of brands to choose from as personally I don't feel there is enough brands on there and secondly the loading of the discovery page could be made a bit smoother.
However, I honestly think this is an app that could be huge in the future of the fashion world, it's so ideal that you can press buy and be taken straight to the webpage where it is for sale meaning that is quick and easy to buy the items you wish. I also love the fact you save finds for later as well as looking at what your friends find and comment on their finds or get them to comment on your finds, it's not just a clothing website, it is also a social networking site. Lastly I like how easy it is to use, there are three main actions so you're not going to get confused when trying to use it which is perfect when you're trying to buy some time!

If you're passionate about fashion, I'd recommend downloading this app as it's definitely worth a try and for FREE you can't go wrong! It's also optimised for iPad!

Here is the link or just type in Mallzee in the app store.
What do you think of the app?

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