Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn Must Haves!

Crazily, another season has come and gone and we're now half way through Autumn! So I thought I'd show you my personal Autumn must haves :]

Lets start with beauty items. First I have dark lipsticks, lipsticks are one of the key items to bringing your makeup together I think and when the season transitions from Summer to Autumn my lipstick colours do too! 
My two favourite autumnal colour lipsticks are both by Rimmel, the first is 170 Alarm and the other is in the Kate collection in shade 107. 170 Alarm is your classic bright red lisptick which whilst it is perfect for any time of the year, it is especially great for Autumn! On the other hand, 107 is a gorgeous deep berry red colour with a slight dark purple hint to it, I really love to wear this for a dramatic effect.

Whilst we're on the topic of lip products, the next Autumn must have for me is LIP BALM. I cannot survive the colder months without lip balm, it is essential to keep the lips hydrated and smooth as nothing is worse than the pain of cracked lips.

As well as wanting to keep my lips hydrated it is also important to keep my skin moisturised. Personally, I use moisturiser all year round on all my body as I have a little (large) OCD problem with it, but I find I depend on it a lot more when it comes to the cooler months as the weather can be quite hard hitting for your skin. I'd especially recommend a face moisturiser if anything, as with cold weather comes wind and your face is constantly being smashed with the wind which is definitely no good for you!

Now onto clothing must haves, the first being big cosy jumpers! One thing I love about the cooler seasons is being able to layer up, throwing on big baggy jumpers which are just lovely to snuggle up in. They're also great to lounge around in when you're at home! I seriously love big jumpers and I am in love with this one I purchased recently from H&M, I might even have to go back and grab the orange one too!

The next thing is coats. I have two coats that I find are essential for autumn: a 'warm' coat (in this case the top one which is a boyfriend style coat from F&F) and a leather jacket.
I love love love leather jackets as they go with nearly anything, they're so versatile and look great when layered up that they're ideal for autumn. I also am so in love with this boyfriend jacket, however I won't go into too much detail about that just yet as it is going to be featured in an upcoming post, so look out for that!

Accessories are so much better in autumn as it's all about layering up and that only means one thing: an overload of accessories! First is a hat, I'd wear either a bowler hat (which I recently bought from River Island) or a cosy beanie (bought last year, not sure where) - it's a fact that you lose a lot of heat from your head so wearing a hat ensures you keep that heat trapped in and keeping you warm, plus they're cute so why not?

Then it's scarves... again scarves are a great way of keeping warm as they keep your neck warm which is a place that tends to be bare a lot of the time even if you're wearing a collar. I love this tartan scarf which was actually my dads but he gave it to me, I wear it with anything as it not only keeps me warm but adds colour to an outfit!

Last is socks, not just any socks, COSY SOCKS! Just like baggy jumpers they're perfect for snuggling in, I love going out in boots/wellies with thick socks on in the colder months as I just feel constantly warm. It's also great when you've been out for the day with perhaps not the warmest of footwear and then coming home, whipping a pair of cosy socks on and wallah! my feet are warm and cosy!

Whilst we're on the subject of feet, my next autumn must have is combat boots/boots of any type. Boots are such a good look in the autumn, especially with jeans or tights and a skirt, wearing boots means you get added warmth (up to your ankle or knees, depending where your boots come up to) as well as being able to wear super cosy socks under them! I tend to stick to only wearing black boots however I wouldn't mind investing in a brown/tan pair this year!

Lastly to do with clothing is a ONESIE! As you might have been able to tell so far, my favourite thing to do in the Autumn is to snuggle up and what better clothing item than a onesie? I looove this Minnie Mouse onesie (as you know I'm obsessed with Disney) as well as the penguin onesie which I showed in my September Favourites

Onto the last two random things. First thing which is perfect for Autumn is hot drinks, whether we're talking Costa or homemade I can't survive without lattes, hot chocolates and green tea in the Autumn as they're a perfect way for warming up if you're a little cold!

And the last thing we have is fairy lights, I've had flower shaped flower lights round my bed since April however recently I bought some fairy lights to go around my dressing table and I think it just adds to the cosiness of Autumn. I also want to get some more fairy lights for my walls which I think will again aid to the cosiness!

That's it for my Autumn Must Haves, I hope you enjoyed it. 
What are your Autumn must haves? 

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