Monday, 4 November 2013

OCTOBER Favourites

Oooh, I bet you're surprised to see yet another monthly favourites aren't you? No, I bet you're not really!

This month has flown by, in fact this whole year has! How are we already in November?! Anyway, I don't seem to have that many favourites this month as I just haven't even seen it been and gone! 

My first favourite is the Bourjois Paris Cream Blush number 03 in the shade Rose Tender. My friend gave this to me about two weeks ago as she got given it but doesn't wear blusher, I was so happy and couldn't wait to use this as I have been on the look out for a good cream blush for a while. I also got given number 01 in the shade Nude Velvet, however at the moment that shade is a little too light for me whereas this one is perfect! 
The blush is very pink when on the cheeks with a slight shimmer to it, I use my finger to swipe it across the apples of my cheek and then use a blending brush to blend it in and spread it slightly. I'm not sure why the picture of the swatch on my hand looks so grey but you can sort of see the colour, and then if you look in the last picture you can see how natural the blusher looks when on!

Next is this lipstick by Estée Lauder in the shade '82 Radiance'. I wasn't actually aware that is was Estée Lauder until I took the photos for this post, I originally thought it was Avon! Anyway, I really love the orangey colour of this lipstick as I think it's such a great colour for Autumn if you don't want to wear a bold statement colour, such as a purple or red. 
I wore this through summer as well but I would say I've been loving it a lot more this month than the past few months. What is also great is the fact it is really moisturising, it's not a lipstick that you put on and your lips feel really dry, instead it feels like you have lip balm on! 
I'm not sure however if this will still be available as I think this is quite an old lipstick that my mum had never opened.

Keeping in theme with make-up is this face wash. I needed a new face wash in the summer when I was going away (I always like to have fresh, new products when I go away, I'm not sure why!) I saw this and thought 'why not give it a go'. I'm not sure what actually attracted me to this, but I saw it and knew I had to get it. After my holiday I left it in my holiday wash bag until I ran out of face wash at my mum's, I knew this was still there so I dug it out and have used it everyday since. I love how it foams up when you use it so you really don't need a lot, and as I've been wearing more make-up recently, I use this to make my face feel extra clean which it does!

To go with the face wash is this face moisturiser. As I mentioned in my Autumn Must-Haves  I can't survive the day without moisturiser, especially face moisturiser! I'm in love with this My Skin one, it goes on smoothly and within minutes its soaked into my skin allowing me to do my make-up without the worry of it sliding off and leaves my skin feeling moisturised throughout the day. I've repurchased this a couple of times however, unfortunately I can't find it anywhere anymore so when this runs out I'll be on the search for a new face moisturiser. 

Moving onto fashion, I only have two! The first is this boyfriend coat which I also mentioned in my Autumn Must-Haves. I bought it at the beginning of the month from Tesco F&F, and I absolutely adore it. I can't get enough of it so much so that I wear it with almost everything, although it isn't the thickest of coats, it is actually quite cosy. I didn't think I'd be into this sort of coat as they're supposed to be very drapey and unflattering, however, personally I think this coat is perfect as it has a slight going in at the waist and the way the collar laps over just gives it more of a flattering look. Unfortunately, I can't see this for sale anymore on the website however they seemed to have stocked up in different colours and variations of this coat which I may have to invest in! 

 Next we have... this tartan scarf, no surprise there! If you follow my themed instagram acocunt @wonderlandalice_ you'll have seen this scarf all over there recently. I wear this scarf with everything at the moment and especially love pairing it with my coat I just mentioned. I've always loved tartan (coming from Scottish heritage) so I'm ecstatic that it has come into fashion. 

Perhaps a rather weird thing to have as a favourite is my iPhone. However, it's not the phone that's my favourite (although it is but every month) it's what I done to it, I hate the fact I smashed my phone as that's just not cool but I love the way I took to the positive of smashing it. You've probably seen this all over the internet like me, and when I saw that my phone had smashed (after the initial sadness and anger of smashing it) I thought 'hey why don't I colour it in?' so I took out my highlighters and coloured the cracks in, it's faded a bit now but I'm just going to colour it in again. Unfortunately, I smashed it again a couple of days ago as you can seen from the extremely shattered and uncoloured-in bit. This smash was a lot worse than the first one and whereas I wasn't bothered about getting it repaired at first, I think I'm going to have to now as tiny bits of glass keep coming out. That will teach me to keep a case on it!

Now onto non-item favourites.
First is a film of the month, again I haven't really watched that many films however, about a week ago I saw Rush in the cinema and I LOVED it. I really love cars (something you probably don't expect) and this film was based on Formula 1 and the true story of Niki Lauda and James Hunt. It made the film so much better knowing it was a true story, there were so many 'breath-holding' moments, I'd definitely recommend you see it!

I don't have a favourite song this month, instead I've been loving the whole of Flume's album 'Flume', their songs are really relaxing and soothing which have helped me a lot this month. I've also not been able to kick the song 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High' by Artic Monkeys out of my head, this is due to my boyfriend constantly listening to them however I couldn't say they aren't a good band!

My favourite app of the month would have to be Mallzee, I won't go into too much detail as I wrote a review about it here so if you want to find out more just check that out! I've really been getting into it though since downloading it and it is such a fun way to waste time.

Next, my favourite 'random' of the month would have to be my diary/journal. I love to keep a diary and I write in it almost everyday, it's full of how I feel and I find it such a good way of getting things off my chest before it builds up inside of me. It's really helped me through the month of October. 

Lastly, my favourite day. 

My favourite day of October would have to be the day I went out spontaneously with my little sister into the fields and took some photos. I love spontaneous trips out especially with my camera to capture some things I might not necessarily capture. What made it extra special though was being out with my little sister, we don't always get on but that day I said 'come on we're going for a walk get your coat on' and we actually had a really nice couple of hours together without bickering. It was also nice to see the leaves starting to change colour - this was at the beginning of October so now the leaves have completely changed. 

That's it for this months favourites. I'm so excited that it's now November as that means we're one month closer to Christmas which is my favourite time of the whole year! 

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