Monday, 30 September 2013

SEPTEMBER Favourites

I bet you're not surprised to see another September Favourites flooding into your subscribed/follow box! This month I don't have too many favourites and most of them are to do with sixth form!

My first favourite is the Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Fuchsia Libre, I didn't even realise the hype around this when I got it, well actually my mum got it for me as it was 3 for 2 on Bourjois Paris and she wasn't sure what else to get so asked me if I wanted anything, this was the first thing that caught my eye so I picked it up. I'm not too sure why the writing on the packaging has come off as I've only had it for a month, has this happened to yours if you have it? I love this as it such a bright summery colour, it was perfect for summer! Especially as I wasn't wearing much make-up, the bright colour would just pull all the attention, however, even though it's a summer colour I think I will still wear it through the autumn and maybe winter!

As I said, a lot of these favourites will be related to school, whilst I adore my iPad out of school it has been so handy at school. At my sixth form we're allowed to do our work on iPads instead of books, which personally I love as for one I seriously hate writing, I don't like my writing and I find it hard to keep up therefore it's just easier to type as I can type quite quickly! Also, it means I don't have to carry tons of books around which make my shoulder/back ache, so that saves me space and aches and pains! 

Again, a school related item, this bag is the infamous Zara Office City Bag, if you haven't heard of it where have you been? I can't fault this bag though, it is literally amazing! The amount of things I can cram in here is unbelievable, although that is quite a bad thing as I tend to overload (silly me!) but for school it's great!

For my first fashion favourite of the month I have these jeans, you're probably thinking 'they're Topshop Joni jeans right?' wrong! I cannot explain how in love I am with these Joni jeans exact match from the one and only... Primark! I seriously recommend going in there and trying these out for yourself, the fit is perfect, and for only £10 how can you not? I'd been lusting after some black jeans for a while as I think they can be worn formal or casual, meaning I can wear them for sixth form instead of skirts and dresses all the time. 

Now my favourite favourite of the month... I finally got myself a bowler hat!! I have genuinely been wanting one of these for over a year now, the day I got it was actually one of my favourites days of the month, how sad, and with my student card I got 20% off!! I don't think I've actually been as in love with a piece of clothing before as I am this, I think it's verging on crazy? 

As in my August Favourites, I wrote about a gold necklace as one of my favourites and how I wanted more like it, at the end of August I picked up this simple chain for only ONE pound in the BHS sale, I was so pleased!! It is so simple that it literally goes with anything which is why I've been loving it this month.

So the last materialistic favourite I have is onesies! Who doesn't love a good onesie in the cooler months? I think perhaps I jumped into mine a little too early in the year but my bedroom was feeling extra cool a couple of weeks ago so I leaped at the chance to snuggle into my trusted onesie. I have two other onesies, a rabbit one (which my mum gave to me then took back!) and a minnie mouse onesie, and I can't wait to buy more!

This is what I spend every day after school doing...

Now onto non-item things.
First of all, film of the month, I haven't actually watched that many films this month due to sixth form and work, but perhaps Kick-Ass 2? That's just the last film I remember watching!

My favourite song is probably, Not Giving In by Rudimental, I find it such an empowering song, it makes me want to stand up and really believe in myself! I've loved the whole of Rudimental's album Home, the songs are all amazing with such good lyrics to them, however Not Giving Up is my favourite out of them.

My favourite app/website of the month would have to be Instagram again, in fact it is probably my all time favourite app! This month however, I've really been getting into posting more on my personal account @alicewright_ (which you should obviously follow!)

I'm going to throw something new into this month's post and that is my favourite 'random' thing of the month so it can be absolutely anything, this month it would have to be smoothies! I make myself a smoothie with whatever is in the fridge or I fancy every morning, and it makes me feel great!

Lastly my favourite day, I've had to think about this a little bit as no day in particular stood out to me, but then one day did, and that is the day I started working at Primark, it's my first real job and the week before I had done a trial day, when I turned up for my shift I got handed my first ever pay check and I just felt so grown up, is that weird? I don't know but I guess I would say that was my favourite day of September!

I can't believe today is the 30th September 2013, tomorrow it will be October and soon it will be Christmas and New Year, this year has gone unbelievably quickly and it's scary to think how much things will be changing for me in these next couple of years, the thought is honestly terrifying! Does the future scare you?

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I hope you enjoyed this months favourites, what are yours?