Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Sixth Form Bag Essentials

You've probably seen many of these posts recently as it's back to school season so I might as well add another one to that list!
I have the Zara Office bag, I know everyone and their mother has this but it is honestly a flawless bag! It holds so much in it with all the different compartments so it's perfect for school!

The first thing I have in my bag is hand sanitizer (which has almost run out) as you never know what you might end up putting your hands into in school with all the people there so best be on the safe side and carry some hand sanitizer round with you! Next I have hand cream, I'm a little (a lot) obsessed with hand cream, it makes me physically cringe if I don't have it on so it's a number one essential to have with me, the same goes with lip balm which in this case is Vaseline. I then have a mirror (added bonus, it has my name on!) which I just carry round with me in case I'm in need of any touch ups or anything.

Next, I also have an obsession with chewing gum, it's not that I have abnormally bad breath (not that I know of anyway) I just feel not right without it and weirdly enough it really helps me concentrate, take that school rules! I then always make sure to have deodorant and sometimes perfume with me as it's great when you're just looking for a little pick me up to make you feel fresher and nobody wants to be smelling do they? Right now I don't wear a lot of makeup, that is literally all I wear at the moment so I just chuck in my bag incase I'm in need of a little touch up, however most days I don't actually use any of it. 

You're probably thinking to yourself why my iPad is included in this post but at my sixth form we're allowed to use our iPads in lessons to take notes and as I'm lazy, have the scruffiest of writing and just generally find it easier to type notes than write them down, I decided to take advantage of this so my iPad is always with me at school. Another essential for me is obviously my phone, I hate to say it but I couldn't go anywhere without my phone as it has everything on it. I also make sure to always have my earphones with me with the earphone tidy which I recently bought from M&S, I couldn't recommend it more as it's perfect at keeping my earphones tidy and untangled meaning I can whip them out of my bag quickly without being in a big mess!

Onto the last few things, first my purse, I don't think anyone can go anywhere without their purse/wallet so it's obvious why I carry my purse around, I carry it around more now than when I was in school for some reason. I also have my glasses which I can barely see without so again an obvious essential, and randomly I have a packet of crisps, these were just left in my bag from today but I do always try to have some sort of snack with me incase I get a little bit peckish!

Even though I use my iPad for lessons, I still keep my pencil case with a few pens, highlighters and pencils in just incase they're needed like if someone needs to borrow one. Then my keys as... who doesn't carry their keys?! Finally the last thing I have in my bag is an umbrella, living in England means we have to be prepared for the unpredictable when it comes to the weather and it's more than likely going to rain so I always keep this with me just incase!

As you can see I'm quite the 'too much stuff in my bag' type, I don't know why I do it as I just end up complaining of an aching shoulder but I am always prepared for anything that comes up so I just put up with the pain!
What do you keep in your school bag?

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