Friday, 22 August 2014

NEW IN: Three Staple BOURJOIS PARIS Products

Recently I bought a few products from Bourjois Paris.
I went out with the intention of buying the foundation and bronzer however I saw it was 3 for 2 and thought I may as well also pick up the mascara.

I'd been looking for a new foundation for a while as I'd been using the same Rimmel foundation for ages.After searching online for a budget but good foundation I saw this and decided this was the foundation I'd try.
I've now used this for about a month and I'd definitely recommend it. The consistency is thin which makes it feel light on your face, whilst still giving quite high coverage.
I don't have any spots to cover luckily, I just like to cover up the different shades of skin on my face, therefore I don't know how well coverage would be for spots but for me it's just right.

Now, this bronzer I have been lusting after for probably a year now.
I've always wanted to buy it but up until the beginning of this year I never actually knew how to properly apply and use bronzer. 
I finally decided to take the plunge and buy this gorgeous looking and smelling bronzer which is the Délice de Poudre
I would most definitely recommend it, it smells of delicious chocolate and applies so lovely and even.

The brush is curled with relatively small bristles. The mascara gives a natural look that looks like you've got very minimal make up on.
It's not my favourite mascara I've bought but I would recommend mend it as it does create a nice natural look.

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