Wednesday, 6 August 2014

JULY Favourites

It's that time again; the beginning of a new month only calls for one thing... monthly favourites!

My first monthly favourites have been backpacks.
As you know I've been away to Disneyland Paris & Loire Valley in France. 
I decided it was essential for Disneyland to have a backpack to carry my things around with as they're so easy to sling on your back & do not get in the way.
I was ecstatic when I found this Minnie Mouse bag in Primark, for only £8! 
If you're interested in what I had in my bag whilst in Disneyland, I have a post here.

I then got another backpack from Primark, for again, £8 to use whilst in Loire Valley.
I love this bag as it fits so much in it with all the different compartments and is very comfy to wear - apart from when it's rubbing on your sunburn! 
I used this bag all week at Loire Valley so you'll see it in all my upcoming outfit posts.

Also to do with Disneyland, I have been loving the two cases I bought for my iPhone 5s.
I bought a Mickey Case & a Minnie Case. 
I'm crushing hard on these cases and will still be using them even though I'm no longer in Disneyland - although I wish very much that I was.
Both cases were from Ebay for between £1-£2, which is a complete bargain! 

Next I have two make up favourites.
They're both Bourjois Paris products, which again I bought for going on holiday.
I'm not however, going to go into any detail about the products as I will be posting a Bourjois Paris make up review soon.
So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Now for my non item favourites.

I don't have a favourite film of the month but Geordie Shore started back again which is a TV series, so sort of counts, right?

I also don't have a favourite particular song but I've been loving a bit of Alt-J recently.
I forgot how much I enjoyed their music & would definitely recommend you hear them out.

Favourite App of the month would be Twitter. This is because I created a new twitter account for my blog, so if you're interested in what I wear from day to day, as well as what I get up to, you can give it a follow here

My favourite 'random' of the month would have to be my Kindle. 
When the summer holidays come around I love to sit with my Kindle and read as many books as I can. I had to endure a seven hour car journey in France so my Kindle came in very handy then!

Lastly my favourite days of the month were from the 23rd to the 26th.
These were the four days I spent in Disneyland Paris. 
More on that will be posted soon, however you can see below a picture of me in front of the gorgeous castle.

That's it for my monthly favourites, what have been your July favourites?
You can see my last months favourites here.

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