Friday, 28 March 2014

MARCH Favourites

Hello, stranger here... sorry I've been a bit MIA recently, I had a lot of sixth form work to catch on and had a complete bloggers block with a touch of lack of motivation!
The weather seems to finally be warming up so lets hope that means many posts in the sun to come.
I thought for my first and only post of March, I would tell you my March favourites!

My first favourite is... my dressing gown! I got this back in January/February from Primark and wear it non-stop at the weekends. I come home from work and jump straight into it for the rest of the day. It's got the cutest little dalmatian doggy on it & a spotted hood, and I've always loved dalmatians (I used to be so obsessed) so that makes it even better!

Next is another comfy/lounge item, these pyjama/jogging bottoms. These are also from Primark and I love them!! They're only £6 which I thought was such a steal, they're so comfortable and you can guarantee any time I spend at home is spent in these bad boys. I've got this grey pair with a silver heart on and navy pair with pink 'Love to Lounge' on it, I'm slowly going to build up a collection of them!

Last 'item' I have this month is the Boots 'Natural Collection' body sprays. I can't get enough of these sprays, I've got four out of the seven of them as I'm not as keen on the other three. I have these dotted all over the place, in different rooms and bags, so there's always one on hand if I need it.

Now for my non-item favourites of this month.

First, my favourite film of the month... I haven't actually really watched any films this month, I spent my whole month watching the Gossip Girl series. Oh My GOD! I cannot explain how obsessed I have become with it, I just want to watch it over & over & over & over again!
I strongly recommend you give it a watch if you haven't already.

I wouldn't say I have a favourite song this month, more a favourite style of music. I've been digging remix's and 'dance' music lately, the inner 14 year old me is creeping out - I was obsessed with that sort of music back then.

My favourite app this month was... surprisingly NOT Instagram (although I do love it a lot). Instead it was Soundcloud which my niece introduced to me and I am SO glad she did! I love that I can find nearly any song I want, the only down fall being I have to have internet connection. If you're interested click here for my profile.

My favourite 'random' of the month is possibly, flowers. I just love flowers recently!

That's it for my monthly favourites. What's been your favourites this month?
As I write this (thursday 27th March) it's two weeks until my birthday and I cannot tell you just how excited I am to be turning seventeen!!
I'm sure I will have a post up regarding how I spent the day, so look out for that.

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