Monday, 16 December 2013

A Cosy Christmas Bedroom

As you know, it's officially December which can only mean one thing... CHRISTMAS!
As soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 1st I jump right into the Christmas mood - well truth has it, I'm actually in that mood from mid-september but shh!

I couldn't wait to Christmasify my newly decorated bedroom, I chose to go for a gold theme with overly-Christmasy bed covers.

To start with is my bed. I actually bought these sheets back in October (like I said I'm already in the mood for Christmas by then) but had them stored under my bed waiting to jump out at the right time. I then went and bought these two white pillows which came in a set, as well as a feature pillow which is similar to the sheets. To accompany the pillows and to keep warm in the cold winter nights; I also bought a fleecy blanket which has the same pattern as the feature pillow, you can just about see it at the bottom of the picture.

Pillows, sheets & blanket - all from Primark
I then took out the tinsel and covered my walls with it! As you can see, I have a washing line-like feature with hanging pictures on my wall. I've been meaning to get some fairy lights to go on top of them for a while but at the moment I've took to sprucing them up with some gold tinsel.

Tinsel - Tesco
Carrying on with the tinsel theme, I also put some tinsel round the mirror of my dressing table. I already had some fairy lights round my mirror, so I just twisted the tinsel around the fairy light to make the tinsel glow. As well as the tinsel, I also bought this cute little snowglob with Santa in for only £3 from Tesco!! Then, I decided I want to change the white flowers I already had in my little jug for some red ones, which I found at Wilkinson for £1.50

Oh look, more tinsel! I love this little tree I got, especially the faux snow - it's like having a snowy tree right next to me. Every year I have to have a christmas tree in my room or I just don't feel christmassy! I picked up this lovely tree from Next a few weeks ago and this gold star from Tesco to top it. I then put some thin tinsel around it to make it look all pretty!

Of course, at Christmas time you HAVE to have an abundance of fairy lights! I bought these snowflake design white fairy lights from Tesco (again, what can I say? they have a great christmas range!). I decided to drape them across my window and I love how they look when it's dark out!

Lastly, what's December without an advent calendar? I've had this fairy one for years now - it's a childhood treasurey, I was told as a child that at midnight of each night in December, Santa's chocolate fairy comes and puts a chocolate in for the next day. Now that fairy has decided to put all the chocolates in on December 1st (lazy mum)! 

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas themed post, there shall hopefully (if I have the time as I'm very busy with work at the moment) be another one or two Christmas themed posts!
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas then enjoy the holiday you do celebrate!

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